Stay Safe Program

The ‘Stay Safe’ Program at 50 Lincoln Short North Bed and Breakfast is a multilevel approach designed to keep guests and employees safe against the threat of COVID-19. We are heeding the advice of medical professionals and taking action based on federal, state, and local public health guidelines. The key to the success of ‘Stay Safe’ is that everyone has a part in keeping each other safe during this unique time.

As a guest of 50 Lincoln Short North Bed and Breakfast, we are asking that you help stay safe in a few ways. The first is by keeping appropriate distance from others. Part of what makes 50 Lincoln special is the ability to provide adequate space for each guest. You can be assured plenty of space in the dining room and common areas. The second way to help you stay safe is by wearing face coverings in common areas and hallways. If you arrive without a mask, we have them available to you when you check-in. And third, we ask that you practice proper hand hygiene by using the available hand sanitizer in the common areas and dining room. We ask that all guests take these easy and minimal steps as common courtesy to others.

Our part of the ‘Stay Safe’ program is a robust program for employees to ensure safety and proper disinfection of our entire house. This starts with basic health checks. Each day, employees self-assess (including temperature checks) to make sure they are working symptom-free. They are also required to wear masks at all times when interacting with guests, preparing breakfast, and cleaning rooms.

We will continue to offer our no-contact self check-in as we have done for years. This allows you the flexibility to arrive anytime after 3:00 pm without the worry of a long line to check in or an overcrowded lobby. Simply access the building with your unique door code, then pick up your room key in the designated area. We also make check-out convenient and contact-free. Just leave the key in the ‘Key Bowl’ where you checked-in as you are departing. We’ll process your payment via your credit card on file and email you the receipt.

In our common areas, we are taking extra steps to sanitize frequently touched surfaces. This includes doorknobs, keypads, stair railings, and more. We use EPA registered disinfectant and perform cleaning no less than three times each day. We have set the schedule to sanitize: before breakfast, before check-in, and early evening. The idea is that high-traffic areas are cleaned prior to the times they are most used by guests.

We are also taking additional steps to sanitize items throughout the guest rooms including light switches, lamp controls, TV remotes, faucet handles, alarm clocks, headboards, and all horizontal surfaces between each guest visit. This sanitation process happens after rooms are stripped of old linens and after general cleaning. We won’t bring new linens in the rooms until after the full sanitation process is complete.

For breakfast service, your group will be distanced from other groups and we ask that you keep movement through the dining room to a minimum. Again, we ask that you wear face coverings/masks on your way down to breakfast and while walking through the dining room. Our normal continental buffet items will be put in individual use containers, thus eliminating serving utensils that everyone touches at a typical buffet. Entrees will still be served individually at your table. In the past, we would clear your plate as soon as you are done, but under the new program we will leave all plates and utensils at the table until after you depart the dining area.

We take the safety of our guests and employees seriously, and we thank you for your understanding and efforts to keep others safe during your travels.

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